Hello Sierra Leone

Welcome to Sierra Leone. Blessed by Nature, and widely unexplored, this little gem in West Africa is much more than you'd ever expect. It's treasures extend far beyond, deep into the Atlantic and Rainforests.


Blending Nature, Culture, Adventures, Beach Excitement and Relaxation. There's everything for everyone.

For those looking to Relax

Sierra Leone has an amazing collection of sandy palm-lined beaches along the Peninsula, like the famous No.2 Beach which is considered most people's favourite. The Beaches are as Idyllic as it gets, but you will hardly find them crowded except for Weekends. Grab a drink, relax and don't miss the Sunset.

For the Adventurer

There is something thrilling about rides on a 'Pampa'. These traditional wooden boats are usually equipped with motorised engines that allow beautiful scenic trips along the Atlantic. For the more adventurous, head out to Bureh Beach for Surfing. it's home to the only Surf Club in Sierra Leone. Beginners can take lessons,  and if you want to make a Weekend of it, there are Tents or simple rooms for rent.

For the Wildlife Enthusiast

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sancturary is the perfect place for you. Join a guided Tour where you will learn more about the rescue and rehabilition efforts of the Sanctuary taking care of around 80 Chimps (mostly orphaned). For more Adventure, take a Birdwatching Tour or Jungle hike and if you are really just looking for a quite time away from all the hustle and bustle of Freetown, then the Yoga Retreat Events held monthly is just what you are looking for.  (Foto Credits @Tacugama)